How is Summer Scholars different than other pre-college programs? What is the application deadline? What should I pack? Find the answers to these questions and more right here.

Program Information

How does this program differ from other summer enrichment programs?


Summer Scholars distinguishes itself from other programs with its four components:

  • Project-Based Learning / Academic Enrichment
  • Leadership Advancement, Personal Growth & Character Development
  • Service-Learning
  • Limited enrollment of students selected from around the world.

This unforgettable summer program will develop future-ready leaders and innovative problem solvers by providing them with relevant, in-demand skills, in addition to serving as a resume and future college application builder.

Is there a Commuter Scholar option?


Yes! A Commuter Scholar option is available where students can spend full days immersed in challenging and fun, collaborative learning by participating in all campus activities. Students will have access to three meals a day on campus and are able to participate in all activities and weekend excursions.

If you live nearby, you have the choice to apply as a residential scholar or commuter scholar. Commuters must have a permanent address of at least one year of residency within 10 miles of The Franklin & Marshall campus to be considered a commuter student. Please note, enrollment is limited, and you can only make a one-time decision each year when you apply.

Who qualifies for the program?


The program is for qualified rising 6th-11th graders, who have an interest in scholastic achievement and the energy to use one’s talents to the fullest.

  • For international students, the age equivalent being 11-16 years old.

Is testing required for the program?



  • SSAT, SAT and PSAT scores can be submitted and will be considered, but not required for Franklin & Marshall Summer Scholars. 
  • Submitting transcripts is a required part of the application process and will be considered when applications are being reviewed. 

What is the cost of the program?


Residential Scholar: $5,750 (3 weeks)

Commuter Scholar: $4,450 (3 weeks)

What does the cost of the program include?


The cost of the program includes:

  • Residential:
    • Housing
    • Three meals a day
    • Two academic enrichment courses
    • One leadership and growth-development course
    • Weekly service-learning project transportation
    • Weekend Excursions and transportation
  • Commuter:
    • Three meals a day
    • Two academic enrichment courses
    • One leadership and growth-development course
    • Weekly service-learning project transportation
    • Weekend Excursions and transportation

What are the supervision and safety standards for Summer Scholars?


  • For Residential Scholars:
    • Residential Counselors live in the residence hall with the students to supervise all residential aspects of the program.
      • Scholars will be housed with students of the same gender and age on gender specific halls.
    • Instructors will carefully supervise all Academic Enrichment courses and Leadership Training to verify the safety of students inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Staff is fully present throughout the day, taking attendance, facilitating activities, chaperoning field trips, providing support, and ensuring safety of all Scholars.
  • All staff members have been personally selected, passed federal background checks and participated in thorough training programs designed for working with our Scholars.
  • F&M Public Safety is an Accredited Law Enforcement Agency available round the clock to maintain a safe atmosphere for everyone.

Do students need to attend all three weeks?


Yes, students are required to attend the full three-week session.

  • Students who leave before the official end of the program will not receive a program evaluation and certificate from their instructor. No refunds will be processed.

How many hours will students be in class each week?


  • Academic Enrichment courses meet for approximately two hours per day, per course, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (8 hours per week, 24 hours per session). Thursday is service-learning day.
  • Scholars will participate in a daily Leadership course which will meet one hour per day, Monday-Friday, with a 1-hour Speaker Series, once a week (4 hours per week, 12 hours per session).
  • As part of the curriculum, Scholars will also participate in a one day a week full-day Service-Learning Project Immersion (Approximately 5-6 hours per week, 15-18 hours per session).

What type of program is F&M Summer Scholars?


F&M Summer Scholars is a nationally recognized program that is different from gifted and talented, summer school, and summer enrichment programs.

In addition to class time:

  • Scholars will have daily fun activity periods to choose from, ranging from passive to active. It’s a chance to help bring out their creativity or their inner athlete! This will allow some supervised “let loose” time.
  • Evenings will provide Scholars some “down time” within their houses to get to know their peers, while relaxing after a full day of fun and learning.
  • On weekends, Scholars will have a Saturday Excursion to get them out of the classroom and exploring awesome places!  In addition, F&M Spirit Days will have Scholars playing, interacting, cheering and motivating!

Application Information

How do you apply for the program?


  • Applications will be accepted beginning February 7, 2020 for Summer 2021.
  • In order to apply for the program, you will need to have these items ready:
    • Transcripts (required for domestic and international students)
    • TOEFL Scores are required for international students
    • Contact information for a reference, for a letter of recommendation from your school
    • Personal essay response (250-600 words)
    • Non-refundable $50 application fee
    • PSAT / SAT Scores (not required, but requested)

Are all applicants accepted to the program?


No, Franklin & Marshall Summer Scholars is a selective program. With enrollment is limited to only 80 students each session, students are selected based off a variety of application materials. See the above question, “How do you apply for the program?” for more details.

Are International Students allowed to apply?


  • International students, between the ages of 11-16, are eligible for the program. 
  • International students will need to submit the following items with their application and school letter of recommendation:
    • TOEFL Test Scores: The minimum scores are 600 for the paper-based test and 80 for the Internet-based test.
      • If a student meets the TOEFL requirements and is in the running for acceptance, they will be emailed a request for a brief Admissions Skype interview.
    • School Transcripts

How do you know if you’re accepted to the program?


Applications for Summer 2021 will be accepted on a rolling basis, beginning February 7, 2020.

  • Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. 
  • The F&M Summer Scholars Review Committee will review all applications. 
  • Families will be contacted by F&M Summer Scholars notifying you of your child’s status, whether it is acceptance, wait list, or denial.  
    • If accepted, you will receive next steps to access the registration portal.